In June 2005 I “borrowed” Sita from the local owl sanctuary. The owners are not certain, as they might not be with 31 other Tawny Owls to care for, but it seems she was found as a chick on the ground somewhere near Cranbrook and may have been about three years old when these photos were taken. Her colouring is slightly paler than Sophie’s, particularly on the chest and face. She settled down well after showing some initial suspicion and wariness when handled.

On her third day out Sita was handling like a pro, it was a beautiful day and I was able to take many nice photos of her.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen . . . Sophie was still very young but she certainly didn't see Sita as a surrogate mother! Right: she takes up a defensive posture at the intrusion of another owl into her space. Sita totally ignored her.

In contemplative mood on day 3

Oh her first day out Sita was a little suspicious and unrelaxed, as this pic shows . . .

. . but later she became completely comfortable about being the subject of a long photo shoot.

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