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All G.R. Martin's publications on vision


Martin on Tawny Owl

All G.R. Martin's publications on the tawny from his own list


Martin colour 1975

G.R. Martin (1975)

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Alauda 2000(2)



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(a classic paper)

Southern, H.N. 1970.

The natural control of a population of Tawny Owls (Strix aluco).

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Sunde's publication list 2005

Peter Sunde's publications on Tawny Owls to 2005 (from his home page)


P. Sunde and B.E.N. Markussen (2005)

Using counts of begging young to estimate post-fledging survival in Tawny Owls Strix aluco.

Bird Study vol. 52 part 3 (November 2005), 343-5.

(An attempt to assess the accuracy obtained when an untrained observer estimates the number of surviving fledglings through counts of begging young by comparing his/her estimates with the actual number obtained by telemetry. Study conducted in Denmark in an area well known to the first author. Second author was the "untrained" observer. Total of 14 broods radio-tagged. Method was found to be reliable, suggesting that counts made by an untrained observer will not significantly underestimate true survival rates. Main source of inaccuracy was found to be young that did not call. Study also confirmed high mortality rates of post-fledged tawny owlets (here ~25% in a good food year).)


P. Sunde and S.M. Redpath

Combining information from range use and habitat selection: sex-specific spatial responses to habitat fragmentation in Tawny Owls Strix aluco.

Ecography, in press


P. Sunde

Effects of backpack radio tags on Tawny Owls.

Journal of Wildlife Management, in press


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Age-dependent diet change, parental care and reproductive cost in Tawny Owls Strix aluco.

Acta Oecologia 21 (4-5): 267-275.



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